Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights

Industrial Design/Design Patent Registration

An Industrial Design/Design Patent protects the features of shape, configuration, ornamental look, composition of lines and colours applied to a product, whether in two dimensional or in three dimensional.

At Intellect Bastion, we protect your protect design legally by performing sequential steps of design search, design preparation along with illustration services and subsequently getting it through the design offices. 

Trademark Registration

Trademarks are used by a company for brand protection. Trademarks are filed for all the brand related aspects of a company like brand name, brand logo, tag line, tag sound and even smell and shapes. A thorough trademark/wordmark search should be conducted before filing a trademark application in order to reduce the risks of infringement attacks.

We assist our clients in trademark logo designing, trademark/wordmark searching across various jurisdictions, trademark/wordmark filing, prosecution and monitoring.

Copyright Registration

Copyrights relates to those exclusive and assignable legal rights that are given to an artist over a creative work that is novel, new and original in nature. Copyrights can be registered for artistic, literary, musical and broadcasting works legally own a monopoly over a creative work and to stop infringers from misusing your work. 

Intellect bastion assists in conducting copyright searching on various databases like, various libraries, encyclopedias, search engines and copyright catalogs. and assist in copyright preparation, filing and monitoring.

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