Freedom To Operate (FTO)/Clearance Search​

Freedom To Operate (FTO)/Clearance Search

FTO search is a “clearance search” or a “Risk assessment search” conducted before the launch of a product in a particular jurisdiction. FTO search helps our clients in accessing the risk of a potential infringement on their product/service by identifying third party enforceable patents and patent publications in a jurisdiction of interest.

Freedom to Operate Search is conducted for following reasons:

  1. To reduce litigation costs. 
  2. To strategize licensing options.
  3. Tracking patent expiry for product launch.
  4. Accessing potential assignees or clients for purchase/ investment in a given product. 
  5. Orient R&D to work in a specific technology area.
  6. Finding expired patents to provide “Safe Harbour”.

Experts at Intellect Bastion perform FTO search through following procedure:

  1. Identifying the country/ countries where the intended product/invention is intended to be launched or used. 
  2. Identifying the essential components/ systems/ processes used to generate a product. 
  3. Identifying the patent search sources.
  4. Collating relevant patents.
  5. Preparing Freedom to operate opinion. 

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