Indian/Foreign/PCT Application Filing ​

Indian/Foreign/PCT Application Filing

An Indian application filing refers to a patent filing that is done in India only. A Foreign application filing refers to a patent filing that is done in a foreign country of your choice. An applicant can either file directly in a foreign country upon taking written permission from their home country or can firstly file a patent in their home country and then subsequently file in a foreign country through conventional mode within an year. A PCT application is used when a client wants to protect a patent application in multiple jurisdictions (international filing). PCT application has various benefits like hassle-free patent filing in multiple jurisdictions, extended period of publication varying from 30-31 months in different jurisdictions and a cost-effective way of filing patent in multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, there are two types of patent applications: Provisional and Complete patent applications. A provisional patent application is filed if the invention is still in the development stage. A provisional application allows you to secure a priority date for your application. Consequently, you get a 12 month period to file a complete application from the date of filing a provisional application.

You need not describe everything about the invention. Basically, just a simple description is enough. There is no need to include drawings or claims in a provisional specification. However, it is highly advisable to describe as much about the invention as possible. But, this’ll eliminate any doubts and you will have a stronger foothold in terms of protection.

Subsequently, a complete application is filed when your invention is complete in a holistic sense. The complete application will enlist every single detail about your invention. From its components to its applicability, everything needs a precise description.

Basically, the more elaborate your description, the better your chances are of registering a patent. Therefore, the inclusion of drawings is absolutely necessary and the claims need to be highly specific. Also, you must ensure that you clearly state the components of your invention, what its applicability is, and what its future scope is. Consequently, this will ensure that your IP rights are secure and safe.

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