Other IP Services

Trademarks (Creation And Registration)

Trademarks/ wordmarks are used by a company for brand protection. A thorough trademark/wordmark search should be conducted before filing a trademark application in order to reduce the risks of infringement attacks.

We assist our clients in trademark logo creation, trademark/wordmark searching across various jurisdictions, trademark/wordmark filing, prosecution and monitoring.


Copyrights relates to those exclusive and assignable legal rights that are given to an originator over a creation that is novel artistic, literary or musical in nature.

Intellect bastion assists in conducting copyright searching on various databases like copyright.gov, various libraries, encyclopedias, search engines and copyright catalogs. We also assist in copyright filing and monitoring.

IPR Training

Intellect Bastion provides practical training to interested people on improving their patent searching, drafting, filing and prosecution skills. We also provide a certification course on Indian patent act to help you qualify Indian patent agent exam.