Patent Analytics

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Patent portfolio analysis is used by the companies to monitor and analyze the patents owned by them in order to understand the weakness and strengths of the whole patent portfolio, identify gaps in and improve research and development and to determine the prospective patents having significant commercial value. Patent portfolio analysis is also done for a competitor company to make decisions in relation to exit strategies, mergers and acquisitions and to compare their R&D trends.

We, at Intellect Bastion, help our clients in providing comprehensive and customized patent portfolio analysis reports of a client’s own company or some competitor organization. Our team adopts qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis and patent activity analysis on complete portfolio of a company to derive relevant results.

Patent Valuation

Patents are optionally used to raise funds and generate income by licensing/cross-licensing them. The main aim of valuation analysis is to derive value of a patent that is actually an intangible asset and hence assigning a monetary value to it is in itself a challenging task.

Patent valuation at Intellect Bastion is used to analyze the value of a patent or a complete patent portfolio using qualitative as well as quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis includes patent life, bibliographic factors, claim strength, legal status analysis and market coverage of the technology. Quantitative analysis includes cost-based methods, income-based methods, market-based methods and option-based methods.

Patent Licensing/Monetization Support

Patent licensing/monetization support is used to open new streams of revenue generation for a company in order to find out sources of business generation from a patented technology.

Our experts help the clients in transforming their IP from a cost center to a revenue generation unit through our patent licensing and monetization services. This is achieved by ranking the patent/patent portfolio to identify potential licensees using multiple innovative approaches.

Tech Market Research

Market research helps in finding out latest trends in the market by compiling a detailed analysis of past and present developments. Our experts gather data from different sources and provide an insightful and comprehensive review of the relevant market in terms of a technology under test. This analysis helps our clients make wiser decisions in terms of readiness of a market to accept a particular technology on the basis of different parameters.