Patent Drafting, Filing And Prosecution Support

Drafting Patent Applications

Patent draft is a written specification (Provisional or Complete Specification) that is filled in patent offices of different jurisdictions in order to claim broadest possible and future-proof protection over an invention. Patent drafting includes written description, claims, drawings, objectives, summary and background relevant to an invention. We prepare Provisional, Complete Specifications as well as design applications for our clients.

Utility/Design Patent Filing And Prosecution

A utility patent protects the purpose and working of a patent whereas a design patent protects the ornamental look of the patent. Our team can assist you in filing utility/design patents in the IP offices of different jurisdictions.

We also provide prosecution support to our clients that includes the office action response designed to overcome the objections raised by the patent examiner/controller at different levels, hearings and various other written correspondences with the IP office.

PCT Application Filing

A PCT application is used when a client wants to protect a patent application in multiple jurisdictions (international filing). PCT application has various benefits like hassle free patent filing in multiple jurisdictions, extended period of publication varying from 30-31 months in different jurisdictions and a cost-effective way of filing patent in multiple jurisdictions. We assist our clients in filing PCT applications as well as in filing Indian national phase application of an international application.

Patent Drawings/Illustrations

Patent drawings play an important role of improving the readability of a patent. It is quite difficult to understand a patent without the help of clearly designed drawings especially in technology fields like mechanical, bio-medical devices and life sciences.

Our team is capable of preparing drawings related to various technical domains (like telecom, electronics, IT, computers, mechanical, automotive, biotech, pharmaceuticals, consumer durables and general utility) as per the requirements of different jurisdictions.