Patent Portfolio Analysis

Patent Portfolio Optimization

Patent portfolio optimization refers to the analysis of the patent portfolio of a company to bring into light the patents of significant commercial value. Analysis of the patent portfolio helps in filtering out obsolete patents and/or patents of least commercial value and creating awareness about the patents of significant commercial value so that a company can work on them to increase company revenues. 

Companies seek our experienced team’s advice about their patent portfolios for following business intentions:

  1. To build strength in specific areas. 
  2. To prevent or delay competitor products. 
  3. Licensing of patent portfolio as a mechanism to generate revenue.
  4. Strengthen position of company in negotiations.
  5. To attract investments.
  6. Strong IP portfolio is necessary for fundraising, business transactions, exit strategies, mergers and acquisitions.

We adopt different types of qualitative and quantitative methods to provide best quality and reliable patent portfolio analysis/optimization reports. 

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