Patent Search Training​

Patent Search Training

Patent Searching constitutes the very first step and the most vital step involved in patent registration. Patent searching validates the novelty in an invention/concept and helps in drafting a quality patent draft prepared considering the broadest possible protection. 

We organize and announce Patent Search Training twice a year in which we train participants on different types of patent searches both conceptually and practically. 

Types of patent searches included in the list are Patentability Search, Validation/ Invalidation Search, Freedom To Operate/Clearance Search, Infringement Search/Evidence of Use, Landscape Searches, Design Patentability Search, Chemical Structure/Sequence Search, Biological Sequence Search, Non-Patent Literature Search. 

Upon completion of this Patent Search Training, you’ll feel capable enough to join our firm or any other firm as “Patent Analyst”. Training certificate is provided to all the course participants on successful completion of the course. 

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