Technology Intelligence

Technology Landscape Analysis

Technology landscape analysis used to study technology trends and state-of-the-art inventions in a particular technology field. Our clients use landscape search to identify existing solutions/technologies for their technical problem. Competitive intelligence concluded from landscape searches helps our clients in making decisions to invest money in development of a particular technology.

Our landscape search also helps in detecting white spaces, i.e. the areas with little patent protection, that in turn explores business opportunities for our clients. The reports provided by our team includes customized, comprehensive and visual-based analysis of the existing technology trends in the questioned area of interest.

White Space/Gap Analysis​

White Space analyses means to analysis all the patent/Non-patent literature available globally on a specific technology area to find out gaps/lacunas in that field so that new business opportunities can be carved out by working on those lacunas. White Space/Gap analysis helps research and development organizations, policy makers and businesses/corporates in identifying gaps in different technology domains, precisely and broadly for strategic R&D panning. 

Our White space/gap analysis reports help technology businesses in making wiser decisions in terms of their future business objectives in their technology field. 

Compititor Monitoring ​

Competitor monitoring is a type of technology intelligence report desired by businesses/corporates to identify the technology areas and business problems on which their competitors are working. Competitor monitoring allows businesses to compare their growth with respect to their competitors based on different types of evaluation metrics. This further helps them to identify opportunities and threats at very early stages.

Our experienced team provides clear, comprehensive and impactful competitor monitoring reports that help businesses/corporates to stay updated about innovations, existing patents and patent filings of their competitors.

Market Opportunity Monitoring

Market research helps in finding out latest trends in the market by compiling a detailed analysis of past and present developments. Our experts gather data from different sources and provide an insightful and comprehensive review of the relevant market in terms of a technology under test. This analysis helps our clients make wiser decisions in terms of readiness of a market to accept a particular technology on the basis of different parameters.

How we perform technology intelligence searches:

  1. Searching and collecting patents relevant to a technology domain.
  2. Screening & classification of those patents.
  3. Analyzing the classified patent data.
  4. Visualization of analyzed results
  5. Providing conclusions & Recommendations.

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