Technology Landscape Analysis​

Technology Landscape Analysis

Technology landscape analysis used to study technology trends and state-of-the-art inventions in a particular technology field. Our clients use landscape search to identify existing solutions/technologies for their technical problem. Competitive intelligence concluded from landscape searches helps our clients in making decisions to invest money in development of a particular technology.

Our landscape search also helps in detecting white spaces, i.e. the areas with little patent protection, that in turn explores business opportunities for our clients. The reports provided by our team includes customized, comprehensive and visual-based analysis of the existing technology trends in the questioned area of interest.

How we perform technology intelligence searches:

  1. Searching and collecting patents relevant to a technology domain.
  2. Screening & classification of those patents.
  3. Analyzing the classified patent data.
  4. Visualization of analyzed results
  5. Providing conclusions & Recommendations.

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