Utility Patent Drafting​

Utility Patent Drafting

Patent draft is a techno-legal document that is filed in patent offices of different jurisdictions in order to apply for a broadest possible and future-proof protection over an invention.

There are two types of patent applications – Provisional and Complete Patent Application. Provisional patent application discloses the scope of the invention with or without the claims. The main idea behind filing a provisional patent application is to secure a filing date. The complete application disclose every single detail of the invention in the broadest possible detail along with the claims.

Patent drafting is a unique skill of preparing smart, creative and strategically prepared techno-legal documents and it takes years and years of experience to acquire patent drafting skill. Patent drafting includes a written description, claims, drawings, objectives, summary and background relevant to an invention. We prepare Provisional, Complete Specifications as well as design applications for our clients.

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