What is a Patented Product?

What is a Patented Product?

To understand the definition of “Patented Product”, firstly we need to understand the meaning of two other terms which are “Patent” and “Patentee”. Once we understand these two terms, it becomes really easier to understand the meaning of the term “Patented Product”.

The term Patent refers to a Right, Patent is an “Exclusive Right” and this exclusive right is provided to a person or a group of persons for an Invention. Now this Invention can be a product, a process, a system, or a composition. This invention is an improvement over the previous works done in that field and useful for society in some or other way.

With this exclusive right of having a Patent, a person acquires a monopoly to make, use, sell, and import/export the invention and has the power to exclude all others from doing the same without his/her approval. Thus, the owner of the patent vanishes competition in his space by getting a patent until someone else invents an improvement over his/her patented invention.

Now this person his having exclusive rights and monopoly over the Patent is registered in the Indian Patent office as a Patentee. Hence, the patentee is the owner of the Patent. The Indian Patent Office that holds the responsibility of granting Patents and thus registering Patentees is located in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

Having read the above, it is very easier for you to understand the term “Patented Product”. A Patented Product is a product that has been registered by a person as a Patent in Indian Patent Office’s register. Elaborately, the patentee(s) of a patented product has a legal right of having monopoly of the product for commercial purposes and to exclude others from making commercial benefits through the same product.

I hope this answers the question of what is a patented product. If you have more such questions, you can write in the comment box and we’ll soon post a new article to answer your question.

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