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We Protect Your Innovations and Creations – Globally !

We Protect Your Innovations and Creations – Globally !

We Convert Your Innovations into IP – Globally!


Most Trusted Technology Research & Analytics Company !

Most Trusted Technology Research & Analytics Company !

The Most Trusted IP/Patent Research and Analytics Company !


Responsive by Heart – Anytime & Anywhere !

Responsive by Heart – Anytime & Anywhere !

Responsive by Heart – Anytime & Anywhere!

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About Us

Welcome to Intellect Bastion, a premier Intellectual Property Research, Analytics, and Consultation firm dedicated to delivering exceptional services to businesses. Our firm is committed to providing innovative solutions for complex intellectual property assignments while maintaining an unwavering focus on quality.

At Intellect Bastion, we specialize in various areas, including Patent Filing and Registration, Industrial Design Filing and Registration, Copyright Filing and Registration, and Trademark Filing and Registration.

Whether you are an Innovator, an Innovative Start-Up, Small Entity, Educational Institution, or Corporation seeking to safeguard your innovations and capitalize on their potential economic value, you have come to the right place. Our team is poised to assist you in achieving complete and expedited monopoly over your intellectual property, ensuring maximum benefits for your endeavors.

Services & Expertise

Patent Information Search

Exhaustive Search for Relevant Prior Art, Leaving No Stone Unturned; Comprehensive Exploration of Patent and Non-Patent Literature (NPL) Sources and Other Open Resources

Patent Filing & Prosecution Support

Crafting High-Quality Drafting for Maximum Protection, Proactively Navigating the Patent Office Actions to Ensure Favorable Grant Outcomes.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Our team diligently monitors and analyzes your patent portfolio, aiming to optimize your technology profile and streamline the decision-making process.

Technology Intelligence

For technology businesses, strategic analysis is crucial. Our comprehensive reports facilitate informed and astute business decision-making.

Design, Trademark & Copyright Filings

"We specialize in safeguarding designs, brand names, logos, taglines, tag sounds, artistic creations, literary works, musical compositions, sound recordings, and broadcasting works."

IPR Trainings

We consistently offer specialized training and courses on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), tailored to cater to entrance exam requirements and specific areas of expertise.


Dr. Prachi Chopra, Registered patent PROFESSIONAL


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