Industrial Design/Design Patent Registration

An Industrial Design, also known as a Design Patent, provides legal protection for the visual appearance of a product. It covers the ornamental features, shape, configuration, composition of lines, and colors applied to the product, whether in two-dimensional or three-dimensional form.

At Intellect Bastion, we offer comprehensive services to protect your design legally. Our process involves sequential steps, starting with a design search to ensure its novelty and uniqueness. Next, we prepare the design application along with illustration services to accurately represent the visual appearance of the product. Finally, we handle the submission and processing of the design application with the relevant design offices to secure legal protection for your design.

By availing our services, you can safeguard the distinctive appearance of your product, prevent unauthorized copying or imitation, and strengthen your competitive advantage in the market. Our expertise in design protection ensures that your innovative creations are legally secured and well-protected.