Technology Intelligence

Technology Landscape Analysis

Technology landscape analysis is a valuable method employed to examine technology trends and cutting-edge inventions within a specific technology field. Our clients utilize landscape searches to identify existing solutions and technologies that address their technical challenges. The competitive intelligence derived from these analyses aids our clients in making informed decisions about investing in the development of particular technologies.

Furthermore, our landscape searches are adept at detecting white spaces, which indicate areas with limited patent protection. Identifying these white spaces opens up new business opportunities for our clients. Our team delivers customized, comprehensive, and visually-oriented reports, offering in-depth analysis of existing technology trends within the area of interest.

Through our technology landscape analysis services, we empower our clients to stay ahead of the competition, foster innovation, and make strategic investments that lead to success in their respective industries.

White Space Analysis

White Space analysis involves thoroughly examining all the patent and non-patent literature available globally within a specific technology area to identify gaps or areas lacking comprehensive coverage. By identifying these lacunas, new business opportunities can be explored, leading to strategic advancements in research and development.

This analysis proves beneficial for research and development organizations, policymakers, and businesses/corporates as it enables them to pinpoint gaps across different technology domains with precision and broad scope, facilitating strategic R&D planning.

Our White Space/gap analysis reports provide technology businesses with valuable insights for making informed decisions regarding their future business objectives within their technology field. By leveraging these reports, businesses can strategize effectively, maximize their potential for innovation, and capitalize on untapped opportunities to stay competitive and succeed in their respective industries.

Compititor Monitoring ​

Competitor monitoring is a crucial technology intelligence report sought after by businesses/corporates to gain insights into their competitors’ technology areas and business endeavors. This monitoring enables businesses to track the progress of their competitors, assess their growth, and identify the areas and problems they are focusing on. By employing various evaluation metrics, businesses can make informed comparisons, allowing them to spot opportunities and potential threats at an early stage.

Our experienced team excels in delivering clear, comprehensive, and impactful competitor monitoring reports. These reports help businesses/corporates stay up-to-date with their competitors’ innovations, existing patents, and new patent filings. By leveraging this information, businesses can make strategic decisions, adapt their approaches, and maintain a competitive edge in their industry. With our competitor monitoring services, clients can proactively respond to changes in the market and maximize their chances of success.

Market Opportunity Monitoring

Market research is a vital process that enables businesses to identify the latest trends by compiling detailed analyses of past and present developments. Our team of experts gathers data from various sources and conducts an insightful and comprehensive review of the relevant market, focusing on the technology under examination. This analysis empowers our clients to make informed decisions, assessing the market’s readiness to adopt a specific technology based on various parameters.

Our approach to technology intelligence searches involves several key steps:

1. Searching and collecting patents relevant to a specific technology domain.
2. Screening and classifying the collected patents for further analysis.
3. Analyzing the classified patent data to extract valuable insights.
4. Visualizing the analyzed results to enhance understanding.
5. Providing clear conclusions and actionable recommendations based on the findings.

By leveraging our technology intelligence searches, our clients gain a competitive edge, enabling them to strategize effectively, invest wisely, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in their target markets.