IPR Trainings

Patent Search Training

Indeed, patent searching is a crucial and fundamental step in the patent registration process. It serves to validate the novelty of an invention or concept and plays a key role in drafting a high-quality patent application that ensures the broadest possible protection.

At Intellect Bastion, we understand the significance of patent searching, and that’s why we organize and announce Patent Search Training twice a year. During this training, we equip participants with both conceptual and practical knowledge on different types of patent searches.

The types of patent searches covered in the training include:

1. Patentability Search: To assess whether an invention is novel and non-obvious.

2. Validation/Invalidation Search: To verify the validity of an existing patent or challenge its validity.

3. Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search: To ensure that a product or technology does not infringe on existing patents.

4. Infringement Search/Evidence of Use: To identify potential infringement of a patent.

5. Landscape Searches: To study technology trends and state-of-the-art inventions in a specific field.

6. Design Patentability Search: To determine the novelty and protectability of a design.

7. Chemical Structure/Sequence Search: To find novelty in a specific chemical compound.

8. Biological Sequence Search: To search for novelty in DNA/RNA or amino acid sequences.

9. Non-Patent Literature Search: To explore publicly available scientific and technical information.

By completing our Patent Search Training, participants gain the skills and confidence to work as “Patent Analysts” in IP firms. Each participant receives a training certificate upon successfully completing the course, enhancing their credentials and expertise in the field of patent searching and analysis.

Patent Drafting Training

Patent Drafting Training is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to craft high-quality patent applications. As one of the fundamental steps in the patent process, patent drafting plays a critical role in securing strong intellectual property protection for inventions.

At Intellect Bastion, we offer Patent Drafting Training to individuals interested in mastering the art of preparing precise and strategically tailored patent applications. The training covers both theoretical principles and practical aspects of patent drafting, ensuring participants gain a deep understanding of the intricate nuances involved.

During the training, participants will learn the following key aspects:

1. Understanding Patent Law: Participants will be familiarized with the relevant patent laws and regulations, ensuring a solid foundation for patent drafting.

2. Claim Drafting: The training will focus on crafting clear, concise, and enforceable patent claims to protect the core invention effectively.

3. Specification Writing: Participants will learn how to prepare detailed and comprehensive descriptions of the invention, supporting the patent claims and facilitating patent examination.

4. Art of Patent Illustrations: The training will cover the art of creating professional and accurate patent illustrations to enhance the understanding and enforceability of the patent application.

5. Patent Prosecution: Participants will gain insights into the patent prosecution process, understanding how to respond to patent office actions and ensure successful application approval.

6. Best Practices and Strategies: Throughout the training, participants will be introduced to best practices and strategies to maximize the scope of patent protection and overcome potential challenges.

By the end of the Patent Drafting Training, participants will be equipped with the skills and confidence to prepare top-notch patent applications, capable of withstanding scrutiny from patent offices. A training certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course, recognizing participants’ expertise in patent drafting and positioning them for promising career opportunities in the field of intellectual property.

Indian Trademark Agent Exam

Our Indian Trademark Agent Exam Preparation Training is exclusively tailored to equip participants with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the Indian Trademark Act-based examination. The comprehensive course focuses on all aspects of the Indian Trademark Act, providing in-depth insights into its provisions, rules, and regulations.

During the training, participants will be guided through the intricacies of the Indian Trademark Act, gaining a thorough understanding of trademark registration, prosecution, opposition, enforcement, and related legal procedures. We provide practical exercises and case studies to reinforce theoretical concepts and enhance participants’ understanding of real-world scenarios.

Our experienced trainers conduct detailed discussions on previous years’ exam papers, helping participants become familiar with the exam pattern and question formats. Doubt-clearing sessions are regularly organized to address any queries and ensure a complete grasp of the topics.

The Indian Trademark Agent Exam Preparation Training is led by experts in trademark law and practice, providing participants with valuable insights and strategies to approach the exam with confidence.

By the end of the training, participants will feel well-prepared to clear the Indian Trademark Agent Exam, demonstrating their proficiency in the Indian Trademark Act. A training certificate will be awarded to all successful course participants, acknowledging their dedication and expertise in the field of trademark law and protection. With our comprehensive training, participants are equipped for success as certified trademark agents in India.

Indian Patent Agent Exam Preparation

Our Indian Patent Agent Exam Preparation Training is specifically designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to excel in both the objective and descriptive exams, covering patent drafting and the sections and rules of the Indian Patent Act. Our comprehensive course schedule is meticulously structured to provide thorough coverage of the exam syllabus, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for both papers.

During the training, we extensively discuss previous years’ exam papers to familiarize participants with the exam pattern and question types. Doubt sessions are organized to address any queries and provide clarifications on complex topics.

Our training is led by experienced professionals well-versed in the Indian Patent Act, patent drafting techniques, and exam preparation strategies. Participants will receive comprehensive study material and practical exercises to enhance their understanding and hone their skills.

The training encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical application, enabling participants to confidently approach both the objective and subjective papers of the Indian Patent Agent Exam.

Upon successful completion of our Indian Patent Agent Exam Preparation Training, participants will feel confident and well-prepared to clear both papers of the exam, positioning themselves for success as certified patent agents. A training certificate will be awarded to all course participants upon successfully completing the course, recognizing their dedication and expertise in the field of patent law and practice.