Patent Preparation and Filing

Patents are exclusive rights granted by a government to inventors or assignees, providing them with the legal authority to protect their inventions from being made, used, or sold by others without their permission. In essence, a patent is a form of intellectual property protection for inventions.

At Intellect Bastion, we take pride in our team of skilled professionals who excel in crafting intelligent and innovative techno-legal patent specifications. Whether it’s a Provisional or Complete Specification, we tailor the patent application to precisely match our clients’ unique requirements.

Our approach involves thorough discussions with the inventors, conducting comprehensive searches, and analyzing prior art to ensure the strength and effectiveness of the patent application. By meticulously covering every aspect of the invention, we maximize protection and strategic advantage for our clients’ innovations.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality patent preparation and filing services is unwavering, ensuring client satisfaction and helping them navigate the complexities of the patent landscape with confidence.