Patent Filing And Prosecution Support

Patent Preparation and Filing

Patent Preparation and Filing is a meticulous process involving the creation and submission of a comprehensive patent application to secure strong protection for an invention. 

At Intellect Bastion, our skilled team excels in crafting smart and creative techno-legal documents, tailoring both Provisional and Complete Specifications to meet our clients’ specific needs. Through thorough discussions and comprehensive searches, we ensure robust patent applications that maximize protection and strategic advantage for our clients’ innovations.

Patent Prosecution Support

Patent prosecution is a vital process in the journey of obtaining a patent. It involves interacting with the patent office and ensuring that the patent application meets all the necessary legal requirements and technical standards for approval. Patent prosecution includes various steps, such as responding to office actions, amending claims, conducting interviews with examiners, and overcoming any objections raised during the examination process. The ultimate goal of patent prosecution is to secure the grant of a patent that offers robust protection for the invention while navigating through the intricacies of the patent system.

At Intellect Bastion, we excel in the art of patent prosecution. Our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of patent laws and possesses a keen understanding of various technical fields. We meticulously handle every aspect of the prosecution process, ensuring that our clients’ patent applications are presented persuasively and accurately to the patent office. We adeptly respond to office actions, draft amendments, and engage in productive interactions with patent examiners to address any concerns effectively. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering focus on client satisfaction, we strive to secure the grant of strong and enforceable patents for our esteemed clients.

Utility/Design Patent Drawings

Patent drawings are indispensable for enhancing patent clarity, especially in complex technical fields like mechanical, biomedical devices, and life sciences. Without clear illustrations, understanding a patent can become difficult.

Our firm boasts a dedicated team of patent/design illustration experts with extensive experience in various domains. They prepare professional illustrations using software like SolidWorks, CorelDRAW, and AutoCAD to meet specific requirements of different patent offices worldwide, including IPO, USPTO, and EPO.

Whether your invention falls under telecom, electronics, IT, computers, mechanical, automotive, biotech, pharmaceuticals, consumer durables, or general utility, our team ensures precise and comprehensive drawings that optimize your patent’s readability. With our expertly crafted illustrations, you can effectively communicate your invention’s intricacies and secure robust patent protection in your target jurisdictions.

Indian/Foreign/PCT Application Filing

Indian application filing pertains to patent filings filed exclusively in India.

Foreign application filing involves patent filings in a foreign country of choice. An applicant can file directly in a foreign country with written permission from their home country or can file in their home country first and subsequently file in a foreign country within a year through conventional means.

A PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application is used to protect a patent application in multiple jurisdictions (international filing). PCT offers benefits like streamlined filing in multiple jurisdictions, extended publication periods (30-31 months), and cost-effectiveness.

There are two types of patent applications: Provisional and Complete. A provisional application secures a priority date during the invention’s development stage, providing a 12-month window to file a complete application.

A complete application includes comprehensive details about the invention, from components to applicability. Elaborate descriptions, drawings, and specific claims strengthen patent registration and ensure robust intellectual property protection.

At our firm, we assist clients in filing Indian, Foreign, and PCT applications according to their professional/business needs. We prioritize securing their intellectual property rights effectively and ensuring their inventions receive the necessary protection.