Copyright Registration​

Copyrights are a form of intellectual property protection that grants exclusive and assignable legal rights to artists and creators over their original, novel, and creative works. These works can include artistic creations, literary works, musical compositions, and broadcasting content.

By obtaining copyright registration, creators legally secure a monopoly over their creative works, enabling them to prevent others from using, reproducing, or distributing their works without authorization.

At Intellect Bastion, we offer comprehensive copyright services to assist artists and creators throughout the copyright process. Our services include conducting copyright searches on various databases such as, libraries, encyclopedias, search engines, and copyright catalogs. We also provide assistance in copyright preparation, filing, and ongoing monitoring to safeguard the rights of our clients’ creative works.

With our expertise, artists and creators can protect their intellectual property, deter potential infringers, and assert their ownership rights in a legally sound manner. Our copyright services ensure that creative works are properly registered and that creators have the necessary tools to protect and monetize their artistic endeavors effectively.