Patent Information Searches

Patentability Search

A Patentability Search, also known as a Novelty Search, involves a thorough examination of patent and non-patent literature worldwide to identify any prior art similar to the invention under evaluation.

This search is essential before filing a patent application, as it helps assess the novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability of the invention compared to existing patent and non-patent literature. The Patentability Search Report serves as a valuable resource for crafting an invention specification that offers the broadest possible legal protection, facilitating expedited patent grants and commercialization benefits.

At Intellect Bastion, we provide comprehensive patentability search reports across multiple technology domains. Our multidisciplinary team of tech experts meticulously conducts these searches using professional databases. We welcome requests for sample reports and demo projects to showcase our capabilities in assisting you with your Intellectual Property needs.

Invalidation/Validation Search

An Invalidity Search, also known as a Validation Search, is conducted to challenge the validity of a patent by identifying potentially similar patent and non-patent literature. Businesses often utilize this type of search to invalidate granted patents, assess the strength of existing patents, establish appropriate royalty/licensing structures, make informed decisions about mergers and acquisitions, and proactively avoid infringement issues.

Our process for performing invalidation/validation searches involves the following steps:

1. Identifying the claims of the patent that are within the scope of the search’s purpose.
2. Identifying relevant keywords and classifications pertinent to the contested claims.
3. Devising a comprehensive search strategy.
4. Identifying the prior art related to the claims that are under scrutiny through thorough research.
5. Analyzing the search results to evaluate the patent’s validity and potential impact on the client’s objectives.

At Intellect Bastion, we pride ourselves on delivering meticulous and insightful invalidation/validation search services to help businesses make well-informed strategic decisions regarding their Intellectual Property.

Freedom To Operate (FTO)/Clearance Search

An FTO (Freedom to Operate) Search, also known as a “clearance search” or “risk assessment search,” is a crucial investigation conducted before the launch of a product or service in a specific jurisdiction. The primary aim of an FTO search is to assess the risk of potential infringement on the client’s product or service by identifying enforceable patents and patent publications held by third parties in the relevant jurisdiction.

The Freedom to Operate Search is conducted for several reasons:

1. To minimize potential litigation costs and legal disputes.
2. To develop strategic licensing options for the client’s product or technology.
3. To track patent expiry dates to plan for the product launch.
4. To identify potential assignees or clients interested in purchasing or investing in the product.
5. To guide Research and Development efforts towards specific technology areas.
6. To locate expired patents that can offer a “Safe Harbour” from potential infringement claims.

At Intellect Bastion, our experts conduct FTO searches through the following procedure:

1. Identifying the specific country or countries where the intended product or invention is intended to be launched or used.
2. Identifying the essential components, systems, or processes involved in generating the product.
3. Selecting appropriate patent search sources and databases.
4. Gathering and collating relevant patents that could potentially impact the freedom to operate.
5. Preparing a comprehensive freedom to operate opinion based on the findings to guide the client’s decision-making process.

Our meticulous FTO search services at Intellect Bastion empower clients to make well-informed business decisions, mitigating risks related to potential patent infringement and optimizing the success of their product or service launch.

Infringement Search/Evidence of Use

Patent infringement arises when a company utilizes, sells, or manufactures a patented product without obtaining consent or a license from the patent owner. As a result, engaging in the sale or manufacturing of an unexpired patented invention within a patent-protected geographic region without acquiring proper licensing from the patent owner constitutes patent infringement and can be subject to legal challenge.

At Intellect Bastion, our team of tech experts offers invaluable reports generated through a Patent Infringement Search. These reports take the form of Evidence of Use (EOU) charts or claim charts, meticulously mapping potentially infringing product features with the claim elements of the subject patent. This detailed analysis serves as crucial evidence in determining whether patent infringement has occurred, enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions and protect their intellectual property rights effectively.

Patent Landscape Search

A Patent Landscape Search serves as a valuable tool to explore technology trends and the latest innovations in a specific field. It is widely utilized by research and development organizations, policymakers, and businesses to identify existing solutions and technologies relevant to their technical challenges. Through competitive intelligence derived from landscape searches, clients can make informed decisions about investing in the development of specific technologies.

At Intellect Bastion, we have a proven track record of performing and delivering high-quality landscape search reports to a diverse clientele. These reports play a pivotal role in assisting our clients in identifying “white spaces,” i.e., areas with limited patent protection, which, in turn, opens up new business opportunities. Our team’s reports include customized, comprehensive, and visually-oriented analyses of existing technology trends within the area of interest under examination.

By leveraging our expertise in landscape searches, our clients gain a strategic advantage in their industries, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging opportunities for innovation and growth.

Design PatentabilIity Search

Design patents and utility patents are distinct types of intellectual property protection. In certain countries, design protection is referred to as “Design Patent” (e.g., USA), while in others, it is known as “Industrial Design Registration.” Design Patent primarily focuses on safeguarding the visual characteristics of an article, encompassing its configuration, shape, structure, and overall appearance.

At Intellect Bastion, we conduct design searches utilizing a combination of keywords and the Locarno classification system. Our experts leverage multiple professional design databases and domestic websites of individual patent offices to conduct comprehensive worldwide design searches. By employing these resources, we ensure a thorough examination of relevant designs to assist our clients in protecting their unique visual innovations and avoiding potential infringement issues.

Chemical Structure/Sequence Search

Chemical Structure/Sequence search involves identifying the novelty of a particular chemical compound by comparing its structure or sequence with publicly available chemical structures/sequences documented in various patent and non-patent literature.

At Intellect Bastion, we prioritize delivering the highest quality chemical searching services. We conduct comprehensive searches utilizing both paid tools, such as the Scientific-Technical Network (STN), and unpaid tools, such as ChemSpider. These advanced search resources enable our team to thoroughly analyze chemical compounds and provide our clients with precise and valuable insights regarding their novelty, potential patentability, and existing prior art.

Our dedication to utilizing state-of-the-art search tools ensures that our clients receive reliable and accurate results, empowering them to make informed decisions in the field of chemical innovation and intellectual property protection.

Biological Sequence Search

Biological sequences encompass DNA/RNA nucleotide sequences, as well as amino acid sequences found in peptides and proteins. The novelty of a particular sequence is determined by conducting a thorough search across both patent and non-patent literature, examining the specific arrangement of the sequence.

At Intellect Bastion, we provide comprehensive and professional reports tailored to meet the client’s satisfaction. Our search process involves investigating the sequence in question across various databases, including unpaid databases like NCBI and paid databases like STN. By employing both these resources, we ensure a meticulous examination of the biological sequence’s uniqueness, potential patentability, and existing prior art.

Our commitment to delivering precise and reliable reports allows our clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their biological innovations and effectively protect their intellectual property in this domain.

Non patent Literature (NPL) Search

Non-Patent Literature (NPL) encompasses a diverse collection of publicly available databases, comprising scientific journals, conference proceedings, research announcements, and information from various platforms such as social sites, magazines, newspapers, and datasheets.

As industry experts, our specialization lies in sourcing non-patent prior art that is relevant to a particular invention, using all the aforementioned sources. By leveraging these comprehensive resources, we ensure that our clients receive a comprehensive and robust collection of prior art, maximizing the quality and scope of their prospective patent. Our commitment to providing in-depth non-patent literature searches empowers our clients to strengthen their intellectual property and innovate with confidence.