Patent Drafting Training​

Patent Drafting Training

A Patent Draft is referred to a techno-legal document that is filed at any patent office to apply for patent filing. The document discloses full details of the inventor’s concept in the best mode through following headings – title, field of invention, objectives, summary, figure titles, figures description, figure sheets, claims and abstract. 

Patent draft is a skill /art which can only be acquired through training and experience gained over a span of time. Patent drafting involves many tricks and techniques that should be learned before practically doing inventor projects. We become a good patent drafter through practice and gradually gained knowledge of legal requirements involved in tech business commercialization. 

In our patent drafting training, we help you in learning the preparation of utility patent drafts, preparation of utility patent drawings, preparation of office action response sheets and hearing reports.

Upon completion of this Patent Drafting Training, you’ll feel capable enough to join our firm or any other firm as “Patent Associate/Research Associate”. Training certificate is provided to all the course participants on successful completion of the course.

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